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Our Core Belief

Icon Snowskates was founded in 2008 upon one simple truth: with just an inch of snow the world becomes your skatepark.

Winter ought to be a time to keep skating your local skatepark or stair set, cruise through the woods, and even find fun in your own backyard. Our handmade skateboards for the snow are built one-by-one in our shop in Massachusetts and enable you to do just that.


Our Values

Made in the USA

Icon Snowskates are handmade by Stephen Plays, and other passionate individuals, at our shop in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Our boards are made in small batches, using sustainably-sourced materials, with consideration towards rider feedback.


Co-founded with Love

In the spring of 2008 Matt Plays combined his ability to snowskate, design, and make videos with Stephen Plays' craftsmanship & entrepreneurial spirit to create Icon Snowskates. Matt has been snowskating for well over a decade, shooting progressive video parts, and winning dozens of competitions along the way. Steve has been supporting his son since day one.


Build & Nurture a Community

Snowskaters worldwide have played a large role in the success of Icon Snowskates. In an effort to foster this community, we created Go Snowskating Day in 2011. 

Every year we hold a video contest on Go Snowskating Day to encourage worldwide participation. We receive dozens of submissions and also invite the public to an open session at Icon Snowskates where we shoot our own Go Snowskating Day video.


Promote the Possibilities

Something To Be Said, a 15-minute promotional video by Icon Snowskates, is our greatest effort at displaying the potential of skateboarding on snow. We released the video for free on our website and on YouTube. As of today, the video has been viewed over 175,000 times and has even earned the attention of the professional skateboard community.

Our 2016 Promo is one short & sweet video that defines what it means to skateboard on the snow:



With just an inch of snow, the world becomes your skatepark.