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2015 Icon Snowskates Site & Products

Posted by Matt Plays on

Winter is nearly upon us. We at Icon Snowskates have been hard at work on our new line and a new website to show it all off. New snowskates, ranging from high-end signature boards to economic entry-level models, can be found in our brand spankin' new online shop.

The site itself has a new look, is much more user friendly, and is completely responsive. Check it out on your iPhone to your heart's content. Also, mention #skatethesnow on Instagram and you could find yourself on the Social section of our site. Don't forget to follow @iconsnowskates while you're at it. Here's to the winter!

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  • Bozi on

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  • Louis Gagnon on

    I realy love riding your boards i personaly think that your boards are the best.
    Me and my friends are starting a snowskate crew we all skateboard in the summer and some of us are sponsord by escapade, amnesia and skateshack. Snow skate is realy easier and funner and i would like to know if we sended videos of what weve got if you could consider sponsoring us ?
    Well anyway great job with your shop its realy sweat!!!

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