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Support the core: Ambition and Icon Snowskates

Posted by Matt Plays on

In Ambition's latest flick, Safari Time, Icon's Jensen Fisker can be seen on a board branded with a big ol' A. I've got me some clips of Stefani riding two Icons in one line. Want to know why I bring it up? I think it's awesome. I think people need to know that both of these companies are doing absolutely amazing things for snowskating. I also think people need to know that Icon and Ambition Snowskates are down for each other.

Both companies are making a seriously premium product, produced entirely in North America. Alex Blais and I both regularly recommend either brand as a solution for the gear inquiries of a customer. Besides making the raddest of decks, both companies are making some waves in the industry. Icon landed an Honorable Mention on The Berrics' YOUNited Nations, and Ambition's even getting some play on HellaClips.

If you've connected the dots, you can see that this is another "for-the-good-of-snowskating" post. It most certainly is that. I would like to make it plainly clear to you, our supporters, that now is the time for unity. Skateboarding on the snow depends on the success of both the aforementioned core companies. Support either and I'm one happy camper.

-Matt Plays

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