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Winter Survival Snowskate Kit Returns

Posted by Matt Plays on

Back again, by popular popular demand, is the Icon Snowskates Winter Survival Kit. It has everything you need to rep the brand, get stoked, and skate the snow.

In media news, Icon Snowskates opens its doors to the public for its annual Opening Day event. We started things off with an on-snow float in the Uxbridge First Night Parade. From there, we skated till the wee hours at the Icon Park. This is what went down. Featuring Matt Plays, Corey Prescott, Jared Plays, and attendees.

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  • Teddy on

    Great episode! I knew we would elantuelvy find out how young Regina got her power and what her early connection was with Rumpelstiltskin, but I didn’t expect to find out quite so soon. Loved the new (semi) humanity of Storybrooke Regina. The ending took me totally by surprise. I really like the way all the different story strands are coming together. Thought this was a much better episode overall than last week’s.Also loved the way the Storybrooke characters are embracing both their fairytale and their Storybrooke selves.

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