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Go Snowskating Day 2013

Posted by Matt Plays on

Four years ago I came up with the idea to emulate the skateboard industry's Go Skateboarding Day.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take off in the way that it did.  Much like its warm weather counterpart, Go Snowskating Day was founded upon one principle: snowskating for the sake of it, no matter the location. This not-so-original concept grew legs through the inclusion of a task list.

Initially I figured making a set of common goals, carried out on video, would yield a few fun clips that promoted a new "holiday" for a niche winter sport. What I've come to know, after four iterations, is that people now anticipate the list.  Without further ado, 2013's Icon Snowskates edit accompanied by the winning fan edition:

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  • jqitjfddmf on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Rosi on

    I love Josh Dallas as David/Charming but believe that, with the exeptcion of Rumple/Gold, in general the female characters on this show are given the stronger roles. All I can say about this episode as a whole is that I miss Snow/Mary Margaret and Emma in Storybrooke and hope their stay in FTL doesn’t last too long though I’ve read that it will:(Also interested to see if Snow and Cora remember one another(as Cora is the reason for all of Snow’s problems with Regina I suspect that Snow will not be too happy to see her step-grandmother).

  • Wulan on

    Hello Suzie, Your spirit has gduied you to all the right people to encourage you along your path. No worries, you will have time to give back and encourage others that are gduied your way. I can so feel the strength of your soul as it is able to merge with your physical life doing something that you can now be passionate about. This is why I always say ..I have the best job in the world! Nancy

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