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Barbegazi Fest Snowskate Competition

Posted by Matt Plays on

A new beacon of hope shined our way with the announcement of Barbegazi, a winter action sports festival in Montreal, QC. The event seemed more than promising by offering a cash prize, hosting the best in the game, and being set on real street stairs.  Jared and Matt Plays ventured north to meet up with the likes of Phil Smage, Alan Gerlach, Josh Oakes, and COSD.  The qualifying round quickly whittled the pack down to the five who would battle for skrill, glory, and fame.  At the end of the day, Josh Oakes took the victory with the most tricks put down, doing so with what seemed like no effort. Alan Gerlach snagged the second spot by letting as all know that this dude can throw flip tricks should he please. Punctuating the podium is Matt Plays who held it down for Icon Snowskates.  The event was sponsored by Lozeau, thus there is no shortage of media coverage.


  1. Josh Oakes
  2. Alan Gerlach
  3. Matt Plays

Best Trick-Rail: Matt Plays/Frontside 5-0
Best Trick-Stairs: Alan Gerlach/Backside Heelflip



See the OFFICIAL Barbegazi Fest photoset

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