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3 Gnarly Ways to Skate Through Winter

Posted by Matt Plays on

We skateboarders are passionate creatures. Each of us can surely remember a time when extreme measures had to be taken to stay on a board. At Icon Snowskates we appreciate this very thing, so we've rounded up three of the gnarliest ways to stay skating through the winter.

  1. Dave Bachinsky 5050s a Handrail with Snow
  2. Element Travels to Northernmost Mini Ramp
  3. Jeremy Jones Shove-its for X Games 15's Real Snow

Staying on your board through the winter doesn't have to mean torches, remote mini ramps, or new fangled snowboard bindings. Picking yourself up a snowskate puts hibernation to rest. Pun fully intended.

Gear Up for the Winter

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  • Jeantine on

    Yes it is because you have not pleayd in a while. When I was forced to sit out a few months I had the same issues when restarting ice. It was really bad on the face offs. But it does go away. It just takes time . Stretching does help , But it is a matter of your muscles getting used to skating and game style again . Some core exercises can help. But it will go away as soon as your body gets used to playing again .

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