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Snowskates Shoes & Footwear

Posted by Matt Plays on

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  • Greg on

    Is there snow skate socks that would keep my feet warm

  • Jaron Garcia on

    My Dog Rocko Really likes snowskating i wish you guys made a monster snowskate he is only 65 lbs but he cant stay on its not wide enough or quite long enough either. I had you guys ship me a snowskate to McMurdo Station Antarctica. I love this snow skate it is my third one i had a lamar team plastic and then a premier and this is by far the highest quality board i have ever owned. If you cant make a monster snowskte could you possibly point me to a company that can. Thanks Matt I appreciate your input. Have a great day.

  • Matt Plays on

    Hey man, looks like between $40-80 should get you a good pair. Check out DVS’s Torey Snow or any Vans AWT shoes. Good luck!

  • Alex on

    Roughly how much are the shoes? and it’d be sick if you guys started manufacturing snowskate shoes, i know i’d buy a pair!

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